Since the beginning of time, labour and childbirth have always been linked to pain.  

The administration of epidural anesthesia is the most commonly viewed procedure when it comes to achieving a painless delivery. A painless normal delivery doctor in Garia discusses the misconceptions surrounding painless expected delivery.

Pain during labour is considered to be the mother of all aches, and if you can successfully deliver without the anguish, then why not go for it? Epidurals can assist a female in coping with postpartum depression or fatigue.

Moreover, according to studies, epidurals lower injury caused to the pelvic muscles that may otherwise occur during an expected delivery. 

Misconceptions behind painless normal delivery

The following are the misconceptions behind painless natural delivery:

  • Painless natural delivery is not possible without anaesthesia

It is usually believed that a painless natural delivery is impossible without administering medication or anaesthesia. However, with the correct preparation and application of techniques like breathing exercises and labour positioning, females experience very little pain during labour and delivery.

  • High pain tolerance

A few individuals believe that only females with a high tolerance of pain can achieve a painless natural delivery. While pain tolerance may play a role in how a female perceives and experiences labour pain, anyone can work towards successfully achieving painless natural delivery with the right support. 

  • Painless normal delivery is not safe.

Another misconception about painless normal delivery is that it is not as safe or effective when compared to a medicated delivery. In reality, painless normal delivery may be just as safe and effective. It may also have fewer risks and complications that are associated with the use of medication. Consult with the best gynaecologist doctor in Garia to ensure a smooth and successful delivery.

  • Feelings of discomfort

People usually assume that a woman will not feel anything at all during labour and delivery in regards to painless natural delivery. The goal here is to lessen discomfort and pain, which means that during a painless normal delivery, some sensations and discomfort may exist.

  • Difficulty in pushing the baby out 

Some females are under the impression that administering an epidural during a painless normal delivery will lead to problems in pushing the baby out. The epidural that is injected causes the body to freeze and leads to numbness in the limbs. Irrespective of the weakness that is generated in the body, the baby can be pushed out comfortably.


There are several safe and effective ways that can ensure pain relief during labour and every mother-to-be must know her options and discuss the same with a painless normal delivery doctor in Garia.